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The DÆHN BEAUMONT company is located in the heart of Paris, near Place Vendôme and manufacturing workshops, allowing professionals to access a physical stock unique in France.

Gemmologue entrain d'analyser des diamants avec une loupe de gemmologie, une pince et une balance à carat


To constitute its exceptional stock and accompany professionals, the company requires the same quality criteria as those used for natural diamonds. While the gemological certificate is essential when purchasing a diamond, sole the wise eye of an expert may support the purchasing decision.


As in all business sectors, the Internet offer is extensive. DÆHN BEAUMONT company believes, especially in a constantly evolving universe, that only human contact, an office, and a physical stock provide an essential and valuable service.

Poignée de main mixte
Logo Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds


DÆHN BEAUMONT's diamond offer distinguishes itself through its dual approach: a careful selection of the finest stones alongside a choice of suppliers whose production methods align with our commitments. Suppliers are certified by the label Sustainability Rated Diamonds, SCS007. 


DÆHN BEAUMONT organises training courses designed for professionals amid the arrival of lab-grown diamonds : understand production methods, arguments and strengths of the laboratory-grown diamonds. 

Les étapes de la croissance d'un diamant de laboratoire ou diamant de synthèse


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