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Climate change is probably the most important issue facing mankind today. In the jewelry sector, laboratory-grown diamonds represent an alternative for future generations wishing to give meaning to their purchases.


DÆHN BEAUMONT wants to embody this change by highlighting innovation, technical progress, and the ecological benefits of laboratory-created diamonds.

DÆHN BEAUMONT wishes to write a new page in the history of diamonds, to gather stakeholders in the profession around a common project: to establish laboratory diamonds as the new benchmark for diamonds in jewelry.

DÆHN BEAUMONT's mission is to present laboratory-grown diamonds to professionals with honesty and transparency, helping them to adopt them so that they will eventually replace natural diamonds in their collections with this bold choice of science and innovation to preserve the future.


100% of our suppliers are SCS 007 certified

To reinforce its commitment and build on its responsible business practices, DÆHN BEAUMONT offers for sale laboratory-certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds only.

The SCS 007 label is the first in the diamond industry to apply to both natural and laboratory-created diamonds.

This standard sets unprecedented performance and transparency criteria, including: - rigorous environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria - climate neutrality - zero-net-impact sustainable production practices - full traceability from origin - sustainable investments that support vulnerable communities, further reducing, net impacts and contributing to a safer world. This standard requires action to be taken to reduce all impacts to zero, starting with climate impacts.

The member states of the United Nations (UN) have listed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide countries and their citizens with a roadmap towards a more responsible, sustainable, caring, and virtuous world. 


DÆHN BEAUMONT supports six of these goals :

  • Use of renewable energies

  • Access to decent jobs

  • Innovation and infrastructure

  • Responsible consumption

  • Combating climate change

  • Justice and peace


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